Safe Prescribing

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In 1915, the Drug Enforcement Administration was formed, known then as the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Recognizing the variance in state laws and the process for completing applications for prescriptive authority and DEA registration is essential to the role of the NP as a prescriber. Within the last decade, safe prescribing of opioids has also become a national concern. For this Discussion, you will focus on the process for obtaining prescriptive authority after successfully completing your program of study and passing a National Certification Exam. You also will explore safe prescribing. To prepare: • Review your state’s process for obtaining prescriptive authority and associated fees( I live in the state of Maryland) • Review the DEA website and review the process for obtaining a DEA number and associated fees. • Review and select one of the following case studies and analyze the provider information: o Case Study One: Lori, FNP-BC, is a new graduate and has recently passed her certification exam. She has just been hired to work for a Primary Care Clinic in a small town. She will be working with one physician at one site. • Post a brief summary of your case study and an explanation of the appropriate prescriptive authority and DEA registration process needed for the case study you selected. Then, explain the safe prescribing practices that these providers should use for these settings.

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